Join District 20 in San Diego for a Mini Con!

Sunday, November 1st, 2020 

11am-4pm PST

Meeting ID: 810 7305 5850

Passcode: 420420
Password Embedded Zoom Link:

All are welcome, whatever your ability to donate may be.  We suggest a $10 donation.  Please hold donations until the day of the event to direct them to our fundraising recipient.

All proceeds go toward funding the 2021 and 2022 MA Conventions. Donate via Venmo to @MA-SanDiego

Attend the following events:

11am PST: Concurrent Women’s and Men’s Meetings

12pm PST: Mind-Body Workshop with a mindfulness meditation and yoga class

1pm PST: Sponsorship and Service Workshop

2pm PST: Speaker Meeting

3pm PST: Open Mic - Sign up to show off your talents!

Start thinking about the talent you may wish to showcase at the open mic, from music, to spoken word, or comedy.

If you are interested in leading a women's, men's, or speaker meeting, please let us know!

At every meeting please announce the event and that we are looking for speakers and leaders.

  The PDF of the announcement is shareable through the following link:  

Looking forward to seeing you there!