For more information and support contact the District 20 Chairperson Elizabeth L.:

Talking to someone who used to smoke marijuana just like you can make all the difference.  There are marijuana addicts in recovery available to answer your questions about this 12-Step program as it relates to someone who may have a problem with marijuana or a desire to quit.  Leave a message and someone will get back to you right away.  

Marijuana Anonymous World Services
1-800-766-6779 (call/text)

We are not therapists or medical professionals, we cannot offer advice regarding detoxing or side-effects as a result of marijuana use.   

If needed please contact emergency medical services.

The phone is one of the many tools of recovery, it is a meeting between meetings.  We strongly encourage you to call someone in the program before you take that first hit. 

"Hospital" by Ralf Heß is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

For Hospitals and Institutions:

MA District 20 is able to provide program information upon request, and under certain circumstances make a presentation at your facility.  Panels are comprised of members in recovery, to speak in a diverse range of settings: schools, hospitals, prisons, conferences, rehabs etc.  We are not "experts" who lecture on the scientific aspects of drug use, nor do we have opinions on controversial issues such as the legality of Marijuana/THC/CBD.  Our members speak from personal experience about what it was like in the throes of active addiction, what happened as they found recovery, and what it's like now.

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