District 20 Announcements

District 20 has a new in-person meeting!

Mindful Monday Meditation features 15 minutes of mindfulness and 15 minutes of meditation practices followed by shares. The meeting takes place 4:20-5:30pm at the Coronado Alano Club 950 Orange Avenue Ave, Coronado, 92118

Entrance is off 10th St. The alley between Orange Ave and D Ave. MA sign on the door, next to the bench. Lost? Text 619-993-9053

Meeting Level Service Positions:

Service is one of the best ways to keep coming back, support the newcomer, and give back to our fellowship. It’s highly recommended to be of service at any point during your recovery.

Visit our Service Page for available service positions and attend meetings for more details.

Public Information and Hospitals & Institutions (PI/HI) Committee:

PI/HI is looking for members to be of service with the goal of spreading awareness & to share MA San Diego resources with rehab centers and sober living facilities. To participate we ask that volunteer members have a minimum 90 days sobriety time or have worked the first 3 steps with a sponsor. Members can speak at local treatment centers either in-person, or virtually.

If you'd like to participate please email or text/call Sarah at 858-342-4601.

2022 MAWS Convention Planning Committee:

District 20 San Diego is host for the 2022 MA Fellowship Convention! The DoubleTree hotel room block has opened, please visit for more details and to reserve a room. The Planning Subcommittee meets every two weeks on Sundays at 5pm PDT.

If you'd like to volunteer please email for meeting details

MA World Service Announcements

Marijuana Anonymous Literature:

  • MA App: All literature, including the MA book, titled “Life With Hope” and the MA 12 Step Workbook are available on the Marijuana Anonymous app, which is free for download from Google Play, and the Apple App stores. This link will open your smartphone's app store

  • A New Leaf Publications is the publishing arm of MA. On this website you can purchase physical copies of the MA book ‘Life with Hope’, the companion 12 Step Workbook, and other literature. Subscribe or submit to A New Leaf, the monthly worldwide MA newsletter, they are always looking for content, including: stories, cartoons, drawings, poems and sobriety birthday notices.

MAWS Internet Committee:

  • MA Mobile App Development: MA Internet Committee is looking for an experienced and dedicated Mobile App Developer to continue progress on MAWS mobile apps. We’re looking for someone who can code for Android and iOS and is willing to provide long-term support. You should be willing to serve under contract as a Special Worker (paid position), communicating closely with other members of the committee who will help troubleshoot and guide development.

For the Loved-Ones of Marijuana Addicts

Mar-Anon is a separate fellowship for the friends and relatives of marijuana addicts. Marijuana Anonymous is not affiliated with Mar-Anon, but we do cooperate as 'sibling' programs.