District 20 Announcements

3rd Annual 420 Soberthon:

Join us for the 3rd annual 420 Soberthon as we reimagine what 420 can mean for us by creating a safe space of fun, strength, and sobriety. Please share this flyer in meetings: and visit our 420 Soberthon events page:

Milestone Chips

With gratitude MA San Diego District 20 is willing to mail physical chips to members for accumulated sobriety time. We want to honor your efforts to get and stay sober, therefore this is a complementary service. Visit the MA San Diego 7th Tradition page to make a contribution and assist District 20 with the cost of chips and postage.

New In-Person Meeting!

Upwinders is a discussion/topic meeting that meets on Thursday
4:44 - 5:44pm at Episcopal Church 2083 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, 92107

Meeting Level Service Positions

Service is one of the best ways to keep coming back, support the newcomer, and give back to our fellowship. It’s highly recommended to be of service at any point during your recovery. 

Visit our Service Page for available service positions and attend meetings for more details.

Public Information and Hospitals & Institutions (PI/HI) Committee

PI/HI is looking for a new chair and members to be of service with the goal of spreading awareness & to share MA San Diego resources with rehab centers and sober living facilities. To participate we ask that volunteer members have a minimum 90 days sobriety time or have worked the first 3 steps with a sponsor. Members can speak at local treatment centers either in-person, or virtually

If you'd like to participate please email 

MA World Service Announcements

Marijuana Anonymous Literature:

MAWS Internet Committee:

For the Loved-Ones of Marijuana Addicts

Mar-Anon is a separate fellowship for the friends and relatives of marijuana addicts. Marijuana Anonymous is not affiliated with Mar-Anon, but we do cooperate as 'sibling' programs.