Step 12: "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to marijuana addicts and to practice these principles in all our affairs."

Service Positions in District 20

Service is one of the best ways to keep coming back, meet new people, and give back our fellowship. It’s highly recommended to engage in service at any point during your recovery.

Meeting Level Service

The following meetings are in need of members to be of service:

District Level Service

The following committees are in need of members to be of service:

Meeting Secretary/Co-Secretary
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Some meetings choose to have Co-Secretaries, two members who share the responsibilities and switch off each week. Minimum of six months continuous clean time to serve as secretary. Length of term is usually six months.

Responsibilities include:

Tech Host
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Beneficial to have knowledge of Zoom functionality or be willing to learn. Minimum of three months continuous clean time to serve as Tech Host. Length of term is usually six months.

Responsibilities include:

District Service Committee (DSC)

District 20 holds its monthly District Service Committee (DSC) meeting the 2nd Sunday of every month at 4 pm (PST) and is open to all members of MA regardless of sobriety time. 

The DSC meeting is where all the business of the District and meetings within the District are discussed, all Officer, Group Service Representatives, and Subcommittee reports are given, and all problems are addressed. 

The District exists to serve its meetings. Services include: purchase and distribution of chips, printing and distribution of literature and meeting schedules, community outreach (through H&I panels and PI), and collection and distribution of monies to MA World Services. In addition, the District provides assistance to individual meetings in need of help, coordinates local events, and offers guidance with sponsorship.

DSC Officers

The DSC Officers are responsible for administering the general business of the District. Great care should be taken in selecting the people who serve in the capacity of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. Our trusted servants should demonstrate the ability to serve as an example to others. The DSC officers should have at least one year clean and sober time, significant District Service Committee background, and a working knowledge of the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts. Term length is one year.

Chairperson -
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The Chairperson’s primary responsibility is conducting the DSC meeting. This includes preparing the agenda, rationing the time for the various reports, and keeping order. A copy of a suggested DSC Meeting Format (Chapter 15) and the short-form of “Rules of Order as adapted for Marijuana Anonymous” (Chapter 16) can be found in the MA Service Manual. Both of these documents can be of great assistance to the district / region Chairperson.

Responsibilities Include:

Vice Chairperson
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The Vice Chairperson is responsible for assisting the Chairperson in conducting DSC meetings, and for conducting the meeting in the Chairperson’s absence. 

Responsibilities Include:

Treasurer - 
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The Treasurer’s job is to handle all the District’s money. It is therefore important that District select their Treasurer with care. The Treasurer should be someone who is financially secure, good at managing finances, and has a suggested minimum of one year clean and sober. Experience in business, bookkeeping, banking, or accounting is also helpful but not required. In administering the District checking account. A more detailed description of the Treasurer’s job can be found in the “Guidelines for District / Region Treasurer”, located in Chapter 9 of the Service Manual.

Responsibilities Include:

Secretary -
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The Secretary’s primary responsibility is to handle all of the district’s non-financial paperwork. The most important task is to record clear and accurate minutes of each DSC meeting. 

Responsibilities Include:

District Sub-Committees

The DSC sub-committees are responsible for coordinating some of the work at the District level on specific projects. 

Public Information / Hospitals & Institutions (PI/HI) Committee
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Committee Chair: Adriana V. - 

The PI/HI committee is looking for members to be of service with outreach within our community. The goal of this committee is to help bring awareness to the existence of MA within the San Diego area. We will be contacting rehab centers, sober living homes, addiction specialists, and others to share the resources we have available.

Another aspect is hosting virtual member panels to various hospitals and institutions at their request. To participate in the PI/HI committee we ask that volunteer members have a minimum 90 days sobriety time or have worked the first 3 steps with a sponsor. If you feel you have related experience, strength, and hope that could be useful to potential new members please contact 

Website Committee
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Committee Chair: Phil V. - 

District 20's website is currently managed and updated by Phil V. Our website is run through Google Sites. If you have any questions or comments about the website content please send an email to

More information on service positions and opportunities at the World Services level is available on the MAWS website.

MA District 20 is a recognized district of Marijuana Anonymous World Services representing San Diego County. Marijuana Anonymous operates and has service opportunities at the Meeting Level, District Level, and World Service Level. Here is a Breakdown of the Service Levels.

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