7th Tradition

The Seventh Tradition states that each Marijuana Anonymous group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

"By staying financially independent, we do not have to become obliged to any outside sources or contributors. We remain unaffected by outside financial influences because we do not depend on their contributions. This is why it is important that we support ourselves and pay rent to facilities we use for our meetings even though the rent may be nominal. Acceptance of any gift or contribution from an outside source may carry with it an obligation by the fellowship which is truly unwise and defeats the spirit of Tradition Seven. By paying our own way, we remain free; we have earned the privilege of making our own decisions." -Life with Hope (pages 87-88)

District 20 suggests a contribution of $1 - $2 per person, per meeting, keeping in mind what you have spent on marijuana. Please remember, we need you more than we need your money.

Venmo: @ma-sandiego

District 20 is able to receive contributions in the US via the smartphone app Venmo. When asked "What's if For?" please let us know if you would like the funds to go towards the District 20 general fund, or the 2022 Convention.

To verify the @ma-sandiego account, look for the green MA logo profile picture. If prompted to verify the last 4 digits: 6 7 9 8

Contributions go towards helping the marijuana addict who still suffers, paying the cost of the Zoom platform, the 2022 MAWS Fellowship Convention hosted by our District and other ways of carrying the message.

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Contribute one-time or set up recurring contributions for the amount of your choosing.

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